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Publishing a deck

You can publish decks you have created on iAnki Market and sell them.
Your deck must comply with the terms of use to be eligible for sale on iAnki Market.

How to publish a deck
Log in to iAnki Market, and from the menu on the left, click "View decks".

A list of your current decks will be displayed. Click the status link for the deck you want to sell.

Always check that you have entered all the basic information accurately before publishing a deck.
If you have not entered all the details accurately, the deck may not be published correctly.
You cannot publish decks that you have purchased.

Set the status of the deck to "Published".

You must indicate your acceptance of the terms of use again before publishing your deck.
Click "OK" to save the changes you have made, or "Close" to cancel.

Check that the deck status has been updated.

Depending on your browser, the status of the deck may appear to remain the same even though it has been changed. If this happens, click your browser's reload button to change the display. (The deck status should be updated even if you do not reload the page.)