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Gift your card deck

You can gift your card deck to your friends at iAnki Market.
The card deck which you want to gift must be:
- In compliance with the terms of use.
- Your original card deck.
- Not published to the iAnki Market (status is private).

How to gift your deck.
Log in to iAnki Market, and from the menu on the left, click "View decks".

A list of your card decks will be displayed. Click the gift link for the card deck that you want to give to a friend.

Please check that all information for your deck is correct.
If if is not, you cannot proceed.
You cannot gift decks that you have purchased, published, received as gifts.

Add the recipient's email address and and a short message.

*You must to agree the terms of use.
Click "Check" to proceed, or "Close" to cancel.

Confirm your message.

Click "Send" when ready, or click "Return" to make changes.

Your gift has been sent!

If you would like to send the same deck to another friend, click the "One More Time" button.