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Creating a deck

You can create decks on the iAnki Market website. For instructions on how to create a deck from the iAnki app on your smartphone or iPad or iPod touch, see "Creating/editing a card deck".

Log in to iAnki Market, and from the menu on the left, click "Create card deck".

Enter basic information for the deck.

You can enter a title for the deck, titles for the front and back of each card, a deck description, a category, tags, and a deck image.

You can also select a CSV file from which to import deck data. For more details, see "Loading a CSV file".

After entering all the basic information for the deck, click "Enter card details".

To quit without adding any cards to the deck, click "Finish editing". Your deck will be saved without any cards.

Enter data for each card.

Enter data for the front and back of each card. You can select image files to attach images to your card.
After entering data, save the card by clicking "Save".

After entering card data, you can complete the deck by clicking "Finish editing".

You can download decks you have created online to your smartphone or iPad or iPod touch via the Internet. For more details, see "Importing decks from the Web".