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Go iAnki's Users' Guide

Creating/editing a card deck

Creating a deck
1. From the deck list, tap the plus (+) button.

2. Select "New Deck".

3. Enter basic information for the deck.

Adding a card to a deck
1. Select "Cards" in the deck settings.

2. Use the add card buttons on the bottom right of the screen to add new cards.

Tap [+1] to add 1 card at a time and [+5] to add 5 cards at a time.

3. Select the card you want to edit.

In this mode you can touch the circle on the right of each card to slide it up and down and change the order of the deck. You can delete a card by tapping the red circle on the left of the card and then the delete button.

4. Enter card details.

Tap "add photo" to add an image to the card. Adjust image quality as necessary. Tapping the box on the right of each image lets you enter text.

5. Tap the "Save" button.

If you return to the deck settings screen without tapping Save, your changes will be lost.