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Basic Instructions

What is iAnki?

iAnki is an smartphone and iPad and iPod touch application for people who are interested in rote learning.
It allows users to learn efficiently and without effort using a unique algorithm devised by Yuji Ikegaya, an Associate Professor at the University of Tokyo, who studies memory and learning.

How to use iAnki
1. Create a deck to study.

First, create a deck to study. For detailed instructions on how to create a deck, see "Creating a card deck".

2. Select a learning mode.

iAnki has three learning modes: Study Mode, Cram Mode, and Slideshow Mode. Select the mode that best suits your learning style. For a detailed explanation of each mode, see "Study Modes".

3. Select the deck you want to study.

Select a deck to study from the deck list.

4. Divide the cards into ones that you have memorized and ones you haven't.

Tapping a card flips it over.
Slide cards that you know to the top of the screen and ones that you don't know to the bottom of the screen.
To move a card to the back of the deck, slide it to the left or right.
You can tap the small pile of cards at the top and bottom of the screen to put them back in the deck and go through them again.
To return to the deck list, tap the back button.
To check the results screen shown in the next step, tap the results button at the top right of the screen.

5. Check how well you've done.

The statistics screen lets you check your progress.

6. Repeat steps 2 to 5.

If you repeat steps 2 to 5 every day, you'll memorize the entire deck in no time!