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Statement mandated by the Specified Commercial Transaction Act

Distributor redfox, Inc.
Operator Hiroyuki Bessho
Location 5F Yotsuyamitsuke Building,
4-1-1, Yotsuya, Shinjuku-ku, Tokyo, Japan
Tel +81 3-5341-4433
E-mail address
Trade name ianki
Charges required
in addition to product costs
None in particular
Credit card payment
※*We accept credit cards with any of the five brand marks below.

Convenience store payment

Seven Eleven Lawson Family Mart Seicomart
Online banking payment
Japan Net Bank Rakuten Bank Pay-easy

Credit card, convenience store, and online payment options use an account settlement system operated by credit card processing firm, Epsilon, Inc.
After you order, you will be taken to an Epsilon payment screen to complete the transaction.
To ensure safe payment, your information is sent using Epsilon's 128-bit SSL encryption. Redfox retains no credit card information. Such information is managed strictly by Epsilon.
If you select convenience store payment, Epsilon will provide you with a payment slip number.
Expire date Five days including the date of your order
Sales volume Not required
Delivery Delivery will be on the same day for credit card and online banking payments,
and within 3 working days of the day on which the payment was received for convenience store payments. In the event that delivery is delayed, you will be notified by e-mail or other means.
Returns Purchases cannot be canceled by the customer for any reason after payment has been made.
If you wish to have your remaining points returned, the owner of the points will be reimbursed in cash directly by redfox, Inc.
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