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002_Seventh chord(属七の和音)
Cretator : yuuri_matsuda
Updated : 2014/07/02
Category : Hobby
Number of Cards : 48 
Points : 0 pt
Rating :  star (1)
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No.Code nameNote
1 C7 C E G B♭ (Seventh chord)
2 D♭7 D♭ F A♭ C♭ (Seventh chord)
3 D7 D F♯ A C (Seventh chord)
4 E♭7 E♭ G B♭ D♭ (Seventh chord)
5 E7 E G♯ B D (Seventh chord)
6 F7 F A C E♭ (Seventh chord)
7 G♭7 G♭ B♭ D♭ F♭ (Seventh chord)
8 G7 G B D F (Seventh chord)
9 A♭7 A♭ C E♭ G♭ (Seventh chord)
10 A7 A C♯ E G (Seventh chord)
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User image 自分で作ろうと思っていたので by yuhma
Star 2011/10/14 01:49:41
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