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センターに出た英単語 No.29-30
Cretator : Rock River
Updated : 2017/03/25
Category : School
Number of Cards : 140 
Points : 0 pt
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1 1961 insurance n. Lv03 保険(業,料) He bought a new suit out of the insurance money.
2 1962 march v. Lv03 行進[進軍,進展]する They marched 20 miles to reach the capital.
3 1963 ideal a. Lv03 理想的な,観念的な This beach is ideal for children.
4 1964 slide v. Lv03 滑る,滑らせる,そっと動く We slid down the grassy slope.
5 1965 translate v. Lv03 翻訳[説明]する,移す He translated the letter into English.
6 1966 definition n. Lv03 定義 The term 'partner' requires careful definition.
7 1967 alternative n. Lv03 2つの間の選択,二者択一 His idea seemed to offer a possible alternative.
8 1968 precise a. Lv03 正確な,さまにその Can you give a more precise definition of the word?
9 1969 command n. Lv03 命令,指揮,抑制 Begin when I give the command.
10 1970 restore v. Lv04 返還する,復活させる,復元する He is now fully restored to health.
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