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Cretator : 砂時計1016
Updated : 2016/03/23
Category : License
Number of Cards : 41 
Points : 85 pt
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1 ~する能力 ability to -
If you study your grammar rules you will develop the ability to uncover the correct answer to sentence correction questions.
2 ~と同じくらい… as … as -
Studying for the GMAT is not as fun as plying with one's friends.
3 AとBを関連付ける associate A with B
Most politicians prefer not to be associated with the Mafia.
4 AをBの原因/特徴とみなす attribute A to B
Many well-known English idiomatic expressions are attributed to William Shakespeare.
5 …を~だと信じる believe … to be -
Harvard business school is widely believed to be one of the best business schools in the world.
6 AとBの間 between A and B
Color-blind individuals have trouble distinguishing between red and green.
7 AもBも both A and B
The GMAT tests both grammar and math skills.
8 AをBとみなす consider AB
Many people consider Romeo and Juliet the greatest play ever written.
9 BをAのおかげとみなす credit A with B
Many employees credit the company president with the improvements in labor- management relations.
10 AをB定義する define A as B
GMAT defines the conclusion as the main point of an argument.
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