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Updated : 2012/03/28
Category : License
Number of Cards : 16 
Points : 0 pt
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1 anterior cruciate ligament of knee 前十字靱帯
2 lateral meniscus of knee joint 膝関節の外側半月
3 fibular collateral ligament 外側側副靭帯
4 phalanges of finger 指骨
5 phalanges of proximales digitorum manus 手の基節骨
6 phalanges mediae digitorum manus 手の中節骨
7 phalanx distalis digitorum manus 手の末節骨
8 ulnar extensor muscle of wrist 尺側手根伸筋
9 extensor retinaculum 伸筋支帯
10 abductor muscle of little finger 小指外転筋
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