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Cretator : 砂時計1016
Updated : 2015/08/16
Category : License
Number of Cards : 100 
Points : 85 pt
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1 menace 脅迫、おどし、脅威、危険人物
2 ascend 上昇する、登る
At last, he ascended to the position of president.
3 industrious 勤勉な
He is very industrious boy and had no trouble passing the exam.
4 trivial ささいな、つまらない
They quarreled over a trivial matter.
5 furor 熱狂、興奮、激怒
6 indulge 甘やかす、 (~oneself)満喫する
Please don't indulge your child.
7 capricious 気まぐれな、移り気な
She was so capricious that everybody dislikes her.
8 introvert 内向的な、内向性の人
It is important not to appear introvert at the interview.
9 retract 取り消す、ひっこめる
The politician was forced to retract his rash statement.
10 waive (権利などを)自発的に放棄する
The criminal waived his right to appeal.
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