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Cretator : 砂時計1016
Updated : 2015/08/15
Category : License
Number of Cards : 100 
Points : 85 pt
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1 abstain 慎む
The man abstained from smoking.
2 preside 司会する、統轄する
Would you mind presiding over the ceremony?
3 predominant 圧倒的な、優勢な
That presidential candidate is expected to receive the predominant share of the votes.
4 bizarre 風変わりな、異様な
His seemingly bizarre invention of new protocol revolutionized the circulation of information.
(同)eccentric, fantastic, grotesque
5 bewilder 当惑させる
The presence of so many people bewildered the little boy.
(同)perplex, confuse
6 deplore 非難する、遺憾に思う
Adults deplore the bad manners of young people today.
7 oxidize 酸化する
Iron oxidizes.
8 embark 乗り出す、乗船する(させる)
As soon as the boat was loaded, they embarked on the trip upriver.
9 futile 無駄な、無益な、くだらない
His efforts to help the poor neighborhood were futile.
(同)ineffective, fruitless
10 plead 弁護する、嘆願する
The lawyer pleaded for the boy in court.
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