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Cretator : 砂時計1016
Updated : 2015/07/28
Category : License
Number of Cards : 100 
Points : 85 pt
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1 whirl ぐるぐる回る、旋回させる
The sharks whirled around the fishing boat noisily.
2 proprietor 所有者、(特に不動産の)持ち主
3 discerning 明敏な、洞察力のある
His discerning judgment helped us.
4 masonry 石造物、石工術
5 jolt (急激に)揺さぶる
They jolted the tree to get the fruit to fall.
6 mole モグラ、ほくろ、防波堤
7 strive 戦う、努力する
The people in the country strove for independence.
8 dispatch 急送する、急派する
We dispatched ballots to the voters.
9 discourse 論文
10 prose 散文
(反)verse 韻文
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