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Cretator : 砂時計1016
Updated : 2015/07/28
Category : License
Number of Cards : 100 
Points : 85 pt
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1 ambush 待ち伏せて急襲する
The president has been ambushed by supporters of aprtheid.
2 boutiful 豊富な、物惜しみしない
What a boutiful land we live in!
(同)abundant, generous
3 inhale 吸い込む、吸入する
You should not inhale the toxic gas released during the experiment.
4 crane クレーン、(鳥の)ツル
5 inflame (情熱などを)かき立てる、燃え上がらせる
The price increase inflamed tempers among the farmers.
6 predecessor 前任者
(反)successor 後継者
7 meager 乏しい、貧弱な、痩せた
Please accept our meager but heartful gift.
8 tripe くだらないもの
9 temperate 穏やかな、節度のある
His temperate way of speaking calmed down the angry group of people.
10 hardy (動植物が)耐寒性の、頑丈な、勇敢な
If you don't enjoy gardening, plant your yard with hardy plants.
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