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Sharing knowledge with iAnki

The central feature of iAnki is the card deck.
Decks can contain any information that you want to remember from foreign language vocabulary to road rules for your driver's test.
iAnki is packed full of amazing features letting you create your own decks and even download decks that others have made.

Create decks in a flash

The iAnki website lets you create decks far more easily than with your smartphone.
To login, go to, go to the "Create card deck" page, and type in the required information.
You can use CSV files to create decks more easily than ever.

Deck yourself out in style

Want to use decks made by straight-A students for that extra bit of help?
Don't have the time to make decks yourself?
No problem! You can buy decks made by other people directly from iAnki.
You can check the quality of a deck by reading the comments and reviews left by other users.

Your own card decks are worth something too

Made your own deck for a language test? The bar exam? A high school test?
Why not try sharing it online?
With iAnki Market, publishing your deck online is easy.
You can publish your own decks for free or sell them for a price.
So what are you waiting for? Start publishing now!

Find the deck you want in no time

iAnki has a huge range of decks available to download.
To search for a particular deck, use the handy search function.
If you want to check out what's hot, search by popularity.
If you want to try out the latest decks, search by date.
You can also search for decks using a variety of other criteria including key words and categories, so it's easy to find what you're looking for.