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Smartphone × Neroscience × Memorize = iAnki
Want the freedom to study any time and any place with your smartphone?
You're holding it in your hands! iAnki is designed to let you study whenever and wherever you want using your smartphone.
Featuring an efficient learning algorithm devised by Professor Yuji Ikegaya of the University of Tokyo, iAnki is a powerful learning tool for effective rote memorization.
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Study for language tests, the bar exam, and other important certification exams
Prep for high school tests
Remember names and faces at work
Take notes

iAnki is useful in any situation where you need to remember information by heart.

Study Modes

iAnki has three learning modes to help you study effectively.

Study Mode, which employs an Ikegaya learning algorithm.
Cram Mode, which is handy for last-minute study the night before a test.
Slideshow Mode, which plays cards automatically.

To ensure that you can study as effectively as possible when prepping for a test or an important exam, choose the mode that best suits your style of learning.

Handwriting feature

When it comes to rote learning, it's important not just to remember facts, but also to "output" what you have remembered. iAnki's handwriting feature helps you learn by letting you writing words with your finger. This is very effective when learning foreign languages for example.

Dedicated website

Discover iAnki's full potential from the Web.
By signing up at, you can create and manage your own decks on the web. You can also use CSV files to import data directly from Microsoft ExcelR.
Naturally, you can download decks you have created online directly to your smartphone.
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If you work at your own pace and repeat these steps every day, you'll memorize information in no time!

(池谷 裕二)

Born in Shizuoka in 1970.
Associate Professor of the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at the University of Tokyo. PRESTO researcher at Japan Science and Technology Agency.
Professor Ikegaya is mainly involved in basic research into memory and learning targeting the hippocampus. He is also the author of several popular neuroscience books.

Professor Ikegaya acted as the Supervising Editor in charge of iAnki. He devised an Ikegaya learning algorithm for effective memorization, which is used in the application. Professor Ikegaya also stresses the importance of "outputting" learned information was behind the addition of a handwriting feature that aids memorization by allowing users to write what they have learned using their finger.

Web site : Yuji Ikegata's CV
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